Reshoring and Nearshoring Manufacturing through Automation

December 1, 2023



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Reshoring and Nearshoring Manufacturing through Automation

In competing with overseas markets, North American manufacturing has faced significant headwinds, including rising labor costs and shifting consumer demands. To reinvigorate the industry, automation has emerged as a necessary enabler. By harnessing advanced technologies and innovative automation solutions, manufacturers can streamline assembly tasks, boost productivity, reduce operational costs, and ensure a sustainable future for North American manufacturing. In this blog post, we will explore why automation is necessary for restoring manufacturing in North America.

One of the primary advantages of automation in manufacturing assembly tasks is its ability to enhance productivity and efficiency. Automated systems can perform repetitive and mundane tasks faster than manual labor without compromising quality. By leveraging robotics and advanced machinery, manufacturers can meet increasing production demands while maintaining consistency and precision in the manufacturing process.

Automation can significantly reduce production costs for North American manufacturers. Today, suppliers offer automation through purchase and leasing models. In the case of leasing, automation can provide immediate cost advantages over local labor rates. In the case of purchasing, initial implementation costs can be substantial, but the long-term return often outweigh the investment. Automated systems operate with minimal errors, reducing material waste and the need for rework. Moreover, automation can optimize energy consumption, further reducing operational expenses and fostering a lean manufacturing approach.

Manual labor varies due to fatigue, skill levels, and human errors, leading to inconsistent product quality. In contrast, automation provides high levels of accuracy and consistency. This ensures that each product adheres to the same quality standards, fostering a reputation for reliability and durability that can boost consumer confidence and loyalty.

The manufacturing industry in North America has been grappling with a shortage of skilled workers for years. With automation, manufacturers can mitigate the impact of the skills gap by utilizing trained technicians to oversee automated processes. Focusing on upskilling and reskilling the existing workforce to manage and maintain automation, manufacturers create a more versatile and efficient workforce.

Manufacturing assembly tasks often involve hazardous operations and repetitive movements, putting workers at risk of injury. Automation can address this issue by taking over dangerous and strenuous tasks, thereby ensuring a safer work environment for employees. Fewer workplace accidents can protect workers and reduce downtime, cutting potential losses for manufacturers.

Automation does not only apply to the manufacturing process but also extends to supply chain and logistics. Automated inventory management, order processing, and shipping systems can enhance efficiency and reduce lead times. By optimizing the entire supply chain through automation, North American manufacturers can compete more effectively in the global market.

Automation generates a vast amount of data that help identify areas for improvement in the manufacturing process and lead to greater cost efficiencies. Manufacturers can use data analytics to gain insights into production bottlenecks, quality issues, and predictive maintenance needs. These data-driven insights empower companies to make informed decisions and continuously optimize their operations, leading to increased competitiveness and profitability.

The revival of North American manufacturing heavily relies on embracing automation solutions for assembly tasks. Harnessing the power of robotics, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, manufacturers can streamline operations, reduce costs and ensure high-quality output. Moreover, automation allows manufacturers to address workforce challenges, enhance workplace safety, and contribute to sustainability efforts. Embracing automation is not just an option but a necessity for restoring the vibrancy and competitiveness of North American manufacturing in the global market. At Launchpad, we use robotics and artificial intelligence to deliver automation solutions that allow manufacturers to adapt to the changing landscape and reshore manufacturing. Make sure to check out our Digitool solution here and reach out for any additional information.

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