The Fusion of Software and Hardware

At Launchpad, our technology transcends traditional automation by integrating intelligent software with precision-engineered hardware, redefining the future of manufacturing.

The Intelligence

Software: AI

From CAD to Completion: Our AI-driven platform effortlessly transitions from CAD files to execution, automating component classification and creating efficient assembly sequences.

The Strength

Hardware: Digitool

Digitool uses your product CAD file to autonomously learn and perform manufacturing tasks without the need for custom software or fixtures.

Digitool: Flexibility, Precision, and Innovation in Manufacturing

Digitool Benefits

Versatile and Modular

The Digitool offers precision and adaptability for tasks like screw driving and laser engraving, with a modular design for easy updates.

Complex Assembly Lines

Digitools, linked via built-in conveyors, facilitate complex assembly lines and scalable solutions for manufacturing, from simple tasks to intricate processes.

Machine Vision

With machine vision, the Digitool accurately brings simulations to life, ensuring a seamless, precise transition from digital design to physical assembly.

Economic Innovation

The Digitool, offering immediate ROI and zero upfront cost, enhances manufacturing while making advanced assembly technology financially accessible.

Exploring the Advanced Capabilities of Our Digitool
Pick and Place
Glue Dispensing
Laser Engraving
E-Waste Recovery

Why Launchpad?

Tackling Today's Manufacturing Challenges
In a complex manufacturing landscape where a single 12-step process can have over 479 million permutations, Launchpad stands out. Our AI engine thrives on complexity, transforming intricate processes into streamlined workflows.

Bridging the Labor Gap
By 2030, Deloitte and The National Association of Manufacturers predict a shortfall of 2.1 million skilled workers in manufacturing, risking over a trillion dollars in economic output. Launchpad's AI-driven solutions are ready to bridge this gap.

Local Manufacturing, Global Competitiveness
Local production must match the pricing of giants like China, India, and Vietnam. Launchpad responds with robots: an economical workforce that works tirelessly, accurately, and cost-effectively, enabling competition on a global scale.

Start Automating

Streamline your supply chain and cut down on shipping costs and environmental impact