Self-programming automation for your high-mix manufacturing environment.

Digitool learns and executes manufacturing tasks based on your product CAD file without custom software or fixtures.

Why Digitool

Cost Effective
Eliminate costly manufacturing tool customization
Built for modularity to easily increase production when you want to
Overcome process variation failures using advanced software and computer vision


Digitool completes light assembly tasks, such as fastening, glue dispensing, and pick and place without the need for custom software or tooling. Simply upload your product file, present your parts and let our intelligent automation get to work.


Applications like personalized laser engraving, labeling and testing require a connected and flexible automation solution. Digitool easily connects to a cloud-based platform and gracefully responds to process change.


Scaling disassembly tasks requires adaptability. Digitool quickly adapts to a variety of products and tasks to disassemble products and enable automated refurbishment and recycling.

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