A Comprehensive Guide for Finding the Perfect System Integrator for Your Assembly Automation Project

November 3, 2023



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A Comprehensive Guide for Finding the Perfect System Integrator for Your Assembly Automation Project

As an established manufacturer, considering an assembly automation project is a significant step towards boosting productivity, optimizing production processes, and maintaining competitiveness. However, choosing the right system integrator to deliver your automation project is crucial for success on the production floor. As an experienced manufacturer, you may rely on past relationships or testimonials to make informed decisions, but what if the startup you're considering lacks this traditional validation? In this blog post, we'll explore essential factors that manufacturers should consider when selecting a system integrator for their assembly automation project, even absent traditional references.

Technical Expertise and Innovative Solutions

When evaluating a company's potential as a system integrator, focus on their technical expertise and innovative solutions. Request in-depth details about their team's qualifications, industry certifications, and experience when handling complex automation challenges. While they may not have a portfolio of past projects, they can present case studies or prototypes to demonstrate their problem-solving capabilities, past performance and forward-thinking approach.

Engage in discussions about your manufacturing facility's specific needs and objectives. A reliable integrator will exhibit a clear understanding of your requirements and propose tailored solutions that align with your production goals.

Strong Collaboration and Communication

The success of your assembly automation project relies on seamless collaboration and open communication with your chosen integrator. Assess their receptiveness and responsiveness during initial discussions. Look for an integrator who seeks to understand your manufacturing processes, constraints, and aspirations. Effective communication fosters a transparent working relationship, minimizing potential risks and ensuring a smooth project execution.

Pilot Projects and Proofs of Concept

Considering the absence of traditional references, propose a smaller solution pilot or proof of concept. This approach allows you to evaluate their capabilities on a smaller scale and learn from the engagement before committing to a larger automation project. A successful pilot project builds confidence in the integrator's abilities, provides a tangible example of their potential impact, and establishes a teamplate for executinrg at scale.

Industry Knowledge and Adaptability

Choose a system integrator with in-depth knowledge of your industry and its specific challenges. An integrator well-versed in industrial robotics and automation trends will better understand your manufacturing requirements and be more adaptable to your established processes. Assess their ability to adapt and tailor their solutions as your business evolves.

Robust Project Management Approach

For an established manufacturer, efficient project management is paramount. Evaluate the integrator's project management approach, including detailed milestones and timelines. Their ability to handle complex projects through clear planning and execution strategies is crucial to delivering successful automation solutions.

Flexibility and Scalability

As an established manufacturer, your operations may evolve over time. Choose an integrator who can provide flexible and scalable solutions to accommodate changing requirements. A system integrator that offers adaptable automation systems  can ensure long-term value and maximize return on investment.


Selecting the right system integrator for your assembly automation project is a critical decision that can significantly impact your manufacturing operations and competitiveness. Such factors as technical expertise, innovative solutions, collaboration, communication, pilot projects, industry knowledge, project management, and flexibility can determine the right system integrator.

Look beyond traditional references and testimonials, and engage in meaningful discussions and pilot projects to gain insights into the startup integrator's potential. A startup with a solid understanding of your industry and a commitment to delivering tailored automation solutions can be a valuable partner in transforming your manufacturing processes and achieving sustainable growth.

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